September 28th, 2022

How To Choose The Perfect Venue for Your Conference: All You Need to Consider

Getting a location for your conference is a detailed and time-consuming process. Preparation might begin as early as a year in advance, as you immediately begin to consider all of the things you need to organize. How do you go about finding the perfect speakers? How many people are you planning to invite? What are the available venues? The preparation process appears to be infinite, from securing promoters’ production demands and managing the AV.

The venue is the most important aspect of a conference because it is where the main event is held. While finding the ideal venue is critical, there are other components of your conference that must be well-thought-out before your search for a venue begins. These preliminary planning steps will assist in forming an image of your meeting venue. It will also help you realize what you need from the venue for your occasion.

We have compiled a list of procedures and practices you should follow in choosing the ideal venue for your conference. Remember that you also have the option to reach out to our venue sourcing company Washington DC to help you with the entire process of getting the perfect venue.

So, here’s our procedural approach to getting the ideal conference venue.

Understand the Why

What we mean by understanding the why is figuring out why you’re holding your conference. A conference allows you to become a leader of change, bringing together some of the best and brightest brains in your field to tackle a problem that you all face. The issue could be a lack of technological outlay; it might be a lack of variety or demonstration, or it could be a troubling tendency that threatens to shake the foundations of your sector. What is the most concerning issue in your network? What discussions do you hear over and over?

Conducting the first brainstorming session with the events team can identify this critical factor, which will eventually lead to all upcoming deliberations. This meeting will also assist you in shaping your team. This is the reason the “why” must constantly be at the forefront of everyone’s mind. It will be a lot easier to put together a unified conference if you have a clear concept. Conferences face a lot of struggles. Bringing together one is a major undertaking, so ensure that you and the rest of your team understand why your conference is taking place. Knowing the “why” will guide the rest of your planning process and will undoubtedly influence your venue selection.


An agenda serves as a parameter for your event, both for you and the participants. Your agenda should always reference the ‘why’ you planned the conference. You’re already halfway there if you know the problem you’re trying to solve and the conversations people are having. You can use this information to develop specific session topics, breakout rooms, and more. Knowing why will enable you to select the best speakers who will engage your audience.

The agenda serves as a concrete blueprint. It will assist you in developing a plan for your occasion. It also functions as a design and arrangement structure. You will be able to feed in ideas along the way and better assemble your planning process if you have the wireframe structure of your conference. The agenda also allows you to begin creating backup plans if a problem arises during your conference.

Agenda as a vision

The agenda should be viewed as your dream and should be fluid rather than rigid. If something changes throughout the event, you will be able to adjust and switch things around. The agenda must be operationally systematized down to the minute. How many rest periods will you have? When are your speakers going to turn up? It is critical to consider the vast list of conference components and logically schedule them. Although timing should not be overly strict, a basic concept of how much time each significant presenter has or how long the attendees can take a break is important to ponder.


Every aspect of the event should work together to provide attendees with significant involvement. For example, a seminar for people in the real estate sector would most certainly be significantly dissimilar from one for those in the technology industry. Some of the more classic seminar sites and styles would be appreciated by many real estate professionals. In events like these, your best friend is familiarity.

Target Audience

Determine your target audience on time. This will also assist you in determining what the optimal venue looks like for your demographic. For example, if you’re planning a conference for a broad-minded or open-minded organization, they would appreciate an unconventional conference location. A venue that pushes the boundaries and inspires attendees to think beyond the box. Otherwise, if you aim to invite more than 1,000 people, only the biggest conference sites accessible would suffice. Knowing all of these factors in the early stages of the conference schedule will make it easier to identify the ideal conference place.


Another part of your conference to approach while budgeting is accommodations. Accommodations are required if the attendees are from different parts of the world. If the accommodation gives them a bad experience, it affects the guest’s overall experience at the conference, which also affects you. Having a preferred accommodation or affiliate will significantly simplify the procedure for your guests. Perhaps you’d want to choose a conference location that includes on-site lodging. If you don’t go that way, ensure your conference site provides nearby choices. Make sure the procedure is as structured and as streamlined for attendees. You need to make sure that your criteria are met and that transportation is conveniently available if the lodgings aren’t within walking distance of your conference. Our venue sourcing company Washington DC will help you choose the venue that’s close to the temporary accommodation of your guests.


Planning the budget for your event is one of the most time-consuming jobs of an event planner. Nevertheless, it is one of the most critical aspects of conference preparation. Setting a budget guarantees that you have the exact amount of cash for your event’s success; this will have an impact on your venue search. Whether your budget is healthy and ample or a little tighter, determining how you’ll spend your money is vital.


Entertainment is a broad phrase that encompasses a wide range of features of your conference, and all entertainment needs to be weighed against the budget. Many conferences featuring award ceremonies, for example, may employ a master of ceremony to announce the winners. Alternatively, during networking breaks at a conference with a more transparent clientele, musicians or entertainers may be present. It is vital to note that the great majority of guests anticipate nighttime entertainment.

Evening entertainment might be a private dinner event or an exclusive VIP space in a neighboring bar or restaurant. Whichever you choose, be sure it is appropriate for your intended audience. If your visitors have come a long distance for your event, they will probably want to spend the evening seeing the new city before going back to the hotel.


It is time to pick a location! If you’ve already finished the majority of the previous processes, this aspect of your preparation should be a breeze. However, there are other significant factors to consider before making a decision.

When planning a conference, the venue is likely the most essential choice you will have to make. It is the adhesive that holds everything together. You want to ensure that the location is ideal. The sort of venue you choose will be determined during the first planning phases. If you feel it’ll be too time-consuming for you to do, you can reach out to our venue sourcing company Washington DC for help. It is critical to have a concept of the sort of venue you desire. Consider these before beginning your venue search. Otherwise, the search will take far longer than necessary. Taking the preceding procedures will also make the venue search much more concentrated. You can now make an educated and precise selection regarding your venue.

Venue Design

Considering your conference location style is critical during the venue search process. Does your venue reflect your company’s image? It’s fine to question the norms to some level, but there’s no purpose in pretending to be someone you’re not. A standard conference location with tiered seating may be precisely what you’re looking for if you are a corporate organization with a formal approach to operating your business. If you choose a classic location, consider these creative seating arrangements to liven up your event.

Unusual Conference Locations

Meanwhile, unique conference settings are becoming more popular, and thinking beyond the box is now more in vogue. Conferences can take place anywhere; if you have the freedom and the necessary equipment, you may let your creativity run wild with the variety of venues. You’re better off with the more unusual venues, from the open, vast, and industrial warehouse spaces to the more unique and intimate museums or cinema screens.

Consider Thinking Outside the Box

A huge step is thinking outside the box and being confident enough to stare at a blank canvas space. It is critical to keep an open mind while examining any empty canvas space. Establish a creative idea for what the room may become. Warehouse venues are ideal for large-scale conventions since they let you shape the venue into whatever you desire. The sky’s the limit; whether you’d like multiple breakout rooms, food truck areas, or some giant screens, a large, empty canvas allows you to be creative. Perfect for wowing your guests and creating a memorable attendance experience.

Similarly, consider the variety of individuals who will attend your conference. Will your stakeholders, staff, and sponsors be proud to visit the venue? Will guests recognize the connection between both the company and the venue? It’s challenging to find a happy medium, but following the basic planning stages will guarantee that your site is perfectly suited to your needs.


Going for the perfect location is undoubtedly critical for increasing attendance. Considering the general location or area is a crucial stage that should not be overlooked. Before deciding on a specific venue, a basic location should be determined. It is critical to ensure that the place is conveniently accessible via transportation linkages, and this is what a venue sourcing company in Washington DC like ours will help you figure out.

What is the essence of having a conference location that no one can access? Nevertheless, avoid becoming too caught up with the place. Being adaptable is essential; nonetheless, there is a risk of being overly concerned with the zip code. It is vital to realize that a place like Washington is massive yet quite accessible. Ensuring your site is accessible via several modes of transportation will allow more persons to attend. Another key factor to consider is whether there are local hotels and attractions such as eateries or pubs. Choosing a place in the middle of nowhere will make it difficult for attendees to get accommodation and will almost certainly prevent them from attending.

Food & Beverage

Foods and beverages are other factors to consider while planning a conference. Nothing is more unpleasant than a hungry guest. Your visitors will become anxious and upset if there is insufficient food and drink. Excessive food consumption might devastate your finances. Food packages are frequently included or available as an add-on at conferences. It is critical to negotiate with the venue and know fully what you will get for your money. The sort of cuisine you serve should be entirely dependent on your visitors. What food you give should be determined by the sort of venue, intended audience, and underlying concept of your event.


Finding a location that offers all of the vital elements for your event may be difficult; recognizing your expectations while also remaining flexible on the little details is essential. You must be aware of the capacity of the conference location, giving specific attention to layouts and seating arrangements, as well as spaces for your sponsors.

When you use the venue sourcing tool on our site to narrow your venue search, you may apply as many criteria as you wish. This allows you to eliminate anything that does not meet your brief. Technical elements of the venue, capacity, and whether or not the place has any parking or licensing are all options.


You now have all of the ideas, tactics, and methods to consider while planning a conference to guarantee you pick the ideal venue. The most essential point to remember is that the preliminary planning and brainstorming sessions will significantly aid your conference venue search. It will ensure that your location is in line with your values and with your guests, providing them with the most satisfactory experience available. If you’re in Washington, DC, you can search our website to get the perfect venue in Washington, DC, for your conference. We are a top venue sourcing company Washington DC, so you should expect the best venue for your event.