Brick & Mortar is an exciting new venue management, operations, and sourcing company created by a team of experienced DC event professionals bringing together their years of experience in the industry to create a new way to find, operate and book spaces in Washington. From sourcing unique facilities to fit individual clients’ needs to branding, marketing, and building venues from the ground up, the Brick & Mortar team creates personalized packages based on the vision of each venue or client. Specializing in space creation, event production, streamlined venue operations, media generation and personalized, boutique experiences, Brick & Mortar can find venues for stand-alone events, installations, photo, and video shoots or help create and operate top-tier venues in existing spaces. With a long list of clients, vendors and venues, Brick & Mortar is uniquely positioned to refer clients to new spaces, build elevated programs and valuable strategic partnerships for their venues, and implement their expert operations model to make booking and planning easy.

Services + Capabilities

  • Brand Assessment / Logo Design/ Concept Development
  • Creative Content Development & Brand Management
  • Dedicated Relationship Management – Marketing Brochure Development – Pricing Structure
  • Venue Management Program Rollout
  • Specialized Site Planning
  • Space Flow and Layouts
  • Guest Management Services (as needed)
  • Graphic, audio-visual, and multi-media design solutions
  • Venue Design Consultation
  • Venue, Vendor and Labor Contracting & Management (Catering, Lighting, Sound, Graphics, Video, Technology, Transportation, Logistics, Furnishings, Cleaning, Security, Décor, Talent, Speakers, Staffing)
  • Venue and Event Staff Management
  • Marketing Package Development & Advertising
  • Venue Infrastructure Budgeting
  • Preparation of written, best practices guidelines and procedures for event planning and venue rental
  • Meeting with potential clients for tours and questions
  • Billing of Clients and Accounting management for venue
  • Vendor meetings and development of preferred vendor lists – Legal and Insurance Requirements Consulting – Website Management, Development & Consulting