From sourcing unique facilities to fit individual clients’ needs to branding, marketing, and building venues from the ground up, the Brick & Mortar team creates personalized packages based on the vision of each venue or client. Specializing in space creation, event production, streamlined venue operations, media generation and personalized, boutique experiences, Brick & Mortar can find venues for stand-alone events, installations, photo, and video shoots or help create and operate top-tier venues in existing spaces. With a long list of clients, vendors and venues, Brick & Mortar is uniquely positioned to refer clients to new spaces, build elevated programs and valuable strategic partnerships for their venues, and implement their expert operations model to make booking and planning easy.

Services + Capabilities

  • Brand Assessment / Logo Design/ Concept Development
  • Creative Content Development & Brand Management
  • Dedicated Relationship Management – Marketing Brochure Development – Pricing Structure
  • Venue Management Program Rollout
  • Specialized Site Planning
  • Space Flow and Layouts
  • Guest Management Services (as needed)
  • Graphic, audio-visual, and multi-media design solutions
  • Venue Design Consultation
  • Venue, Vendor and Labor Contracting & Management (Catering, Lighting, Sound, Graphics, Video, Technology, Transportation, Logistics, Furnishings, Cleaning, Security, Décor, Talent, Speakers, Staffing)
  • Venue and Event Staff Management
  • Marketing Package Development & Advertising
  • Venue Infrastructure Budgeting
  • Preparation of written, best practices guidelines and procedures for event planning and venue rental
  • Meeting with potential clients for tours and questions
  • Billing of Clients and Accounting management for venue
  • Vendor meetings and development of preferred vendor lists – Legal and Insurance Requirements Consulting – Website Management, Development & Consulting

Meet the Brick & Mortar Team

Lyn Stout

Lyn is a passionate champion of live events, an industry leader, and seasoned producer, creating high impact events around the world. From her work as a marketing executive for a global communications firm, to logistics oversight for a global sporting event firm, Lyn early on gained an understanding of both big picture brand positioning and tactical coordination, two crucial qualities for executing with excellence. With that knowledge in hand, she launched Bond Events in 2008 and quickly became a leader in producing complex, high-end programs and managing top-tier venues. From tech and luxury to non-profit and political organizations, her client list is a testament to her ability to create events and spaces that are unique and captivating across all spectrums. Her extensive background includes opening, operating and consulting on numerous successful venues, planning around the world sporting events, conferences, 2008, 2012 and 2016 Political Conventions, Inaugurals, and hundreds of other events each year!

Sarah Hurt

Even after 17 years in the events industry Sarah still gets excited to see clients’ visions come to life and takes joy in providing the ideal setting for each program. With a background in PR and real estate marketing prior to entering the events world, she has a multi-faceted understanding of how to create unique spaces for the DC marketplace. She has planned numerous events, and overseen thousands of large-scale productions over the span of her career managing multiple high-end venues and currently owns and operates The Showroom, an 8,300 square foot event space in downtown DC with her husband, Ross. Sarah takes great pride in being a 6th generation Washingtonian and has an enormous passion for creating exceptional event venues in the city she loves!

Ross Hurt

With over 17 years of experience in the hospitality and production industries, Ross has worn nearly every hat imaginable when it comes to playing host. From touring musician to restaurant manager and venue owner his vast breadth of knowledge and ability to oversee and organize complex logistics is unparalleled. Whether he’s staffing and managing a team of fifty employees, creating unique and attractive marketing materials for a new ad campaign, or handling day-to-day floor management, event logistics and venue operations, Ross is truly a jack of all trades when it comes to creating a welcoming and memorable experience.

Malcolm Brown

Malcolm joins the Brick & Mortar team after three decades in the broadcast news media, where he worked on both sides of the camera, traveling the world as a videographer and on-air correspondent. He brings technical, editorial and logistical skills, as well as management experience from helping to run an international news agency with clients around the world. His credits include work as cinematographer on the Peabody Award winning PBS NewsHour production ‘The Plastic Problem’. His portfolio also includes corporate video work for organizations such as Bloomberg Philanthropies and ITN Productions (UK).